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The Eleventh Workshop of the INRIA-Illinois-ANL Joint Laboratory on Petascale Computing

First Workshop of the INRIA-Illinois-ANL-BSC Joint Laboratory on Extreme Scale Computing (pending)

First Workshop of the NEXTGN Partnership University Fund project

June 9-11, 2014
Sophia Antipolis, France

The workshop will take place at Inria Sophia Antopolis.

The 11th workshop of the INRIA-Illinois-ANL Joint Laboratory on Petascale Computing will also be the first workshop of the NEXTGN Partnership University Fund project.

Il will gather top researchers in HPC from INRIA, the University of Illinois, the Argonne National Laboratory and Barcelona Supercomuting Center to explore research problems related to post Petascale Supercomputers and present early results of their joint work.

The workshop will feature technical sessions on five main topics: Big systems, Parallel Programming (Hybrid, Hierarchical, Heterogeneous), Resilience, Numerical Algorithms and Libraries and Big Data and I/O and Cloud for HPC. Other potential topics of collaboration will be presented and discussed.

The workshop will present an exceptional program with papers accepted or submitted to top level conferences.

The workshop will expose the results of the collaboration on Parallel Programming, Resilience,I/O and Cloud.

Exascale issues, research and activities will be discussed as well.

A key objective of the workshop is to identify new research collaborations and establish a roadmap for their implementation.

The workshop is open to Illinois, INRIA and ANL, faculties, researchers, engineers and students who want to learn more about Post Petascale Computing.

List of participants (under construction)



Christine Morin

Stéphane Lanteri

Fred. Desprez

Jean-Francois Méhaut

Vincent Baudoui

Arnaud Legrand

Martin Quinson

Laurent Hascouet

Guillaume Aupy

Grigori Fursin

Yves Robert

Gabriel Antoniu

Ph. D students

Augustin Degomme

Raphaël Bleuse

Luka Stanisic

Brice Videau

Ian Masliah

Lucas Nussbaum

Francois Tessier

Matthieu Dorier

Lokman Rahmani

Radu Tudoran

Shadi Ibrahim

Alvaro Garcia Recuero

Argonne National Lab


Rajeev Thakur

Paul Hovland

Rob Ross

Kate Keahey

Pavan Balaji

Michael Wilde

Jed Brown

Franck Cappello


Leonardo Bausista Gomez

Jonathan Genkins

Workshop contacts

Franck Cappello,, cell phone in France: +33 6 70 31 03 39 or +1 217 417 8557

Illinois&NCSA and ANL
Marc Snir,

UIUC: Judy Olson,, Beth McKown,
INRIA: Agnes Cortell , Evelyne Blesle:
Argonne: Mary Dzielski:

Workshop sponsors

University of Illinois INRIA NCSA

The Joint Laboratory for Petascale Computing includes researchers from the French National Institute for Research in Computer Science and Control (INRIA), the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign's Center for Extreme-Scale Computation, and the National Center for Supercomputing Applications. The Joint Lab is part of Parallel@Illinois.